So Simple, Yet So Genius. Discreet Bike Phone Mount Works in Portrait Mode, Too

Even though the market is flooded with complex bike computers and navigators, smartphones are still preferred by a lot of cyclists, because, well, they’re already there and smart enough to handle most of our riding needs. But most bike phone mounts are still bulky, ugly, and limited, which is why the Loop Mount Twist is such a game-changer. Its design is so simple, yet so genius, that it makes you wonder why they haven’t come up with it until now.
Loop Mount Twist bike phone mount 8 photos
Loop Mount Twist bike phone mountLoop Mount Twist bike phone mountLoop Mount Twist bike phone mountLoop Mount Twist bike phone mountLoop Mount Twist bike phone mountLoop Mount Twist bike phone mountLoop Mount Twist bike phone mount
The Loop Mount Twist is the upgraded version of the Loop Mount, which was released in 2020. This new version comes with a “twist”, both literally and figuratively. What that means is that know you can use the mount with your phone in landscape or portrait mode, with the portrait support being a new feature that wasn't available with the 2020 version.

What also makes the Loop Mount Twist such a great phone mount is the fact that it is very discreet, not compromising the look of your bike. It actually looks like it’s an integrated part of your bike, which is not the case with most phone mounts on the market.

Because it was designed by cyclists, the Loop Mount Twist focuses on all the important aspects. And security and reliability definitely top the list. That’s why the phone mount is made of metal and secures the phone in place with 6.6 lbs (3 kg) of gripping force, which is just enough to hold it still but without crushing it.

You can fit the mount on pretty much any type of bike, as it is designed to fit stems, square bars, and other setups. It also works with most phones. Whether you’re using it with your gravel bike on bumpy roads or in the city, the Loop Mount Twist should be reliable. However, they don’t recommend you using it for bike jumps or with your BMX.

The Loop Mount Twist is currently the subject of a Kickstarter campaign and it’s raised over $210,000, although it only aimed for $13,700. If you want to get one, you have to pledge a minimum of $62, with the estimated delivery date being September 2021.

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