So Much for the EV vs ICE War: Tesla Cybertruck Powers Gas Station After Houston Tornado

Tesla Cybertruck powers gas station after the Houston storm 6 photos
Photo: S.E. Robinson, Jr. | X
Tesla Cybertruck powers gas station after the Houston stormTesla Cybertruck powers gas station after the Houston stormTesla Cybertruck powers gas station after the Houston stormFord F-150 Lightning powering a home in HoustonFord F-150 Lightning powering a home in Houston
This is the peace treaty. A Tesla Cybertruck powers an entire gas station so that the drivers owning cars with internal combustion engines would be able to fuel them. It happened after a tornado caused major electricity disruptions in Houston, Texas.
We have been talking about the EV versus ICE war for ages. Killing the ICEs for a cleaner world is facing the principle that promotes the idea of emission-free cars actually polluting more through the manufacturing process than ICEs do once they hit the road. This is a controversy that will probably never end.

But it seems that a Tesla Cybertruck is taking the first step toward putting an end to what seemed a never-ending war. The EV was spotted powering a gas station in Houston, Texas, after the severe thunderstorms left more than one million residents with no power and brought devastation to the area.

Of all the homes, shops, and companies that had no electricity, the gas station was still able to operate. And that was all because of a Tesla Cybertruck, hooked up to the power wall of the facility.

Many of those who watched the video were skeptical about the ability of the Cybertruck to power the entire gas station. Most of them thought that it was just a publicity stunt. However, Tesla has no connection with the footage, so the last thing it looks like is an ad.

And, of course, there are users who question the ability of the pickup truck to distribute energy for long, claiming it would run out of juice in just a few minutes. But there are also people cheering for the Cybertruck and congratulating the owner for offering support to Texans in times of need.

The Tesla Cybertruck is equipped with PowerShare. It is a feature that supplies power up to 20A on the go via two 120V outlets and up to 40A one 240V outlet. All three are located in the cargo bed and can provide up to 9.6 kW.

The Cybertruck can also offer backup power to a household with 11.5 kWh of power for up to 11.5 kW for up to three days if energy consumption does not go over 30 kWh per day.

The owner of the Cybertruck shown in the video claimed that the vehicle was able to provide power to his entire home, including air conditioning in every room.

A Ford F-150 Lightning was an energy source for a young family in Houston

And it is not just the Cybertruck that offers help to the Houston residents affected by storm. A few days ago, Ford's CEO reshared a tweet on X about a young family receiving power from the Ford F-150 Lightning. The electric pickup truck powered their entire home after the storm that hit Houston.

"My young family can try and sleep well tonight. [The Ford F-150 Lightning] even ran the microwave," Michael Kaler wrote on X.

Earlier this year, a promotional video showed a Tesla Cybertruck pulling over to help a Blue Oval electric pickup truck that had run out of juice before being able to get to a charging station.

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