Snow Crawler, the Koenigsegg of Electric Snowmobile Concepts

If Koenigsegg or another top-drawer supercar manufacturer would one day decide to build a snowmobile, we have all the reasons to believe it could look pretty much like the Mind Sailors Snow Crawler concept. In a world full of all sorts of snow-tackling vehicles, we can see pretty much anything, from the smallest ones to the huge machines, and from sleds created for mild recreational use to racers. The Snow Crawler introduces something completely different, a solo beast with a most exclusive vibe, a sleek, elegant apparition across the frozen fields.
Mind Sailors Snow Crawler 8 photos
Photo: Mind Sailors
Mind Sailors Snow CrawlerMind Sailors Snow CrawlerMind Sailors Snow Crawler looks like a sport carMind Sailors Snow Crawler awesome profleMind Sailors Snow CrawlerMind Sailors Snow Crawler dual tracksMind Sailors Snow Crawler rendered in the snow
The Polish team created a snowmobile concept which takes things to the next level, allowing form to take over function, just like any supercar bodywork designer would in the early development stages. The Snow Crawler is all about attitude and showing those who hate winter that there is beauty in riding alone through the white wilderness.

The closed cockpit makes a huge difference

If you don’t like cold and having frozen snow being thrown in your face, the Snow Crawler should look even more alluring. Its closed cockpit puts a barrier between you and the elements, while offering the chance to enjoy the scenery though its ample windows and transparent roof. Add in good air heating elements and de-icing for the glass panels and you’re free to roam the frozen plains.

The Snow Crawler is envisioned as an electric vehicle, powered by a very efficient drivetrain, as its creators say. The dual tracks should provide superior traction on the toughest surfaces and provide excellent grip even on very steep gradients. The only problem could be finding room for battery packs large enough to provide a decent range.

Being stranded in the middle of nowhere inside an electric sled with no batteries is definitely not the most attractive winter fun scenario. Anyway, until the Snow Crawler becomes reality, if this will ever happen, there’s a good change that hydrogen fuel cells become more widespread and affordable. Anyway, we so wish the Mind Sailors’ Snow Crawler waited for us in the parking lot, honestly!
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