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Snapchat Clown Back at It, Uses Duct Tape and Firecrackers to Free Truck Wheel From Boot

You all seem to really enjoy laughing at Snapchat clowns doing all manner of mayhem to their cars, judging by the view count the last time we showed you one replacing his Chevy truck's tire with duct tape and pool noodles. In what we can only assume is from the same content creator, now he wants to try breaking a pickup's wheel from an immobilization boot.
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Our favorite Snapchat truck tire mangler starts by spray painting over a dubiously positioned "made in China" sticker. What brilliant and subtle criticism that turned out to be. Once the obligatory ham-fisted symbolism was taken care of, our resident truck tire vandal sets about with a combination of common items like duct tape, spray-foam, firecrackers, and, well, fire. All in order to try and bust the truck's tire out of a very ominously flimsy immobilization boot.

Snapchat must absolutely love the people behind these silly and elaborate "experiments," we lost count of how many slides it took to get through the entire video somewhere after 30. All the more time for Snapchat to advertise, it's like they're in cahoots or something. It takes more than five straight minutes of scrolling through the endless filler of his homemade escape device taking shape. Which somehow includes a car wheel lug wrench, a full can of soda, and multi-colored firecrackers, among others.

Say what you will about the stupidity of this idea, but to see the firecrackers light and the entire contraption free the truck's tire from its likely pre-rigged and phony immobilization boot was at least comical. And thus, the boot came off just like that. At the expense of the truck's wheel, now covered in soot, who knows if he destroyed it in the process.

There's only a limited amount of alloy wheels and rubber tires in this world, you know. To see this kid take some of that and put it to waste for our amusement is an overall negative drain on global resources. Even so, we still watched his video and then read this article to boot. So, in the end, he wins. We can only hope he's evilly twiddling his fingers as we speak. He's more likely to be swimming in a literal pool of Google Adsense money.


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