Snake Hitches a Ride in Australia, Scares the Hell Out of the Couple Inside

Soon after I started driving, I was going down a street in my city when a car pulled next to me. The driver started honking insistently, so I had to find the skill necessary to pull down the window and talk to this guy while also continuing to drive.
Snake trying to get in 3 photos
Photo: Screenshot from YouTube
Snake on moving car in AustraliaSnake on moving car in Australia
He was all smiles, so I figured he was harmless, and it turned out that I was right. Stopping every now and again for a chuckle, he wanted to inform me that a rat had dropped out of my car just a few moments before. I had no idea what to say, so I mumbled a "thank you" and closed the window. I knew that rat. I had been trying to get it our of the engine bay for days.

The point I'm trying to make is that seeing an animal fall off a moving vehicle is something most will find out of the ordinary. But seeing one coming out of the radiator grille and waving its body in the draft created by the car's forward movement probably beats it. Especially when this particular animal could have swallowed my rat whole.

Yes, that ribbon you can see on the front end of the car, constantly hitting against the vehicle's hood is a GOD DAMN SNAKE. Some people freak out when there's a fly in the car, but imagine having this creep out of the air vents. Sure, if it fits there, it must be tiny, but unless you're a herpetologist (I just googled it, that's what snake specialists are called), you can't be sure it's not venomous.

These guys, however, were safely locked inside their car, so they could afford to laugh at the situation. The girl filming it even started feeling bad for the poor reptile, imagining it was foaming at the mouth at declaring that it was going to die, to the immense satisfaction of her boyfriend/husband. It didn't, though, but actually had the last laugh when it managed to free itself and slide all the way down the hood and onto the windshield. Naturally, there was some screaming.

The clip ends before the story is concluded with the green snake just outside the driver's window and the two cooking up plans on how to get rid of the creature, with probably the best one involving a car wash. The video description says that the snake eventually got off and made its way safely into the bushes. They say it's lurking on the side of the road waiting for its next victim as we speak. Or for these two guys to come back.

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