Smartphone Racing with Real Cars Using Sony Xperia

Watching smartphone games evolve is like taking a trip back in time to play computer games for quite a while ago. Thus, we just can’t wait for the years to pass and technology to advance in order to alloy smartphone racing games, for example, to offer proper thrills.
sony xperia racing 1 photo
Fortunately, Sony is well aware of this and has decided to give us a little help with its news Xperia phone. While the engineers couldn’t use tech from the future in order to offer us an experience that rivals that of current computer games, the company has orchestrated a race that saw rear cars being controlled via its Xperia phone.

The company asked remote control engineer James Brighton to convert two MGs become RC cars, with the the Reckless Racing 2 sim being used to control the cars. The creator of the game, Martin Noriander, raced Hunter Skipworth, a technology journalist on an autocross track set up at a former military base. You can see the result in the adjacent video.


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