Smartphone Racing Game Controller Made of Wire Is a Funny Chinese DIY Job

Smartphones are getting closer and closer to developing an intelligence of their own and I have to admit the tilting maneuvers used in all phone racing games still make me ignore this way of passing the time.
Smartphone Racing Game Controller Made of Wire 1 photo
There’s something utterly artificial in the way the entire setup tilts when you want to steer and that’s a major turnoff, at least for me and many of the (car) people I’ve asked.

However, one DIY genius in China may have come up with a solution, one you can see in the video below. We’re talking about a wire job that literally comes with zero costs and probably took a few minutes to build and... perfect.

We can imagine the testing phase, with the smartphone being held in position for the extreme steering moments. And since everything is adjusted by hand, this is one piece of hardware that will fit any type of phone, from the mini series to any phablet you can think of.

Sure, there might be one or two glitches in this gaming matrix, but there’s nothing that can’t be solved. For instance, braking or activating the nitrous would probably require a giant stylus, a setup that would certainly be ineffective.

However, the game could see two players racing the car. No, we’re not referring to rally-style driver and co-driver action, but rather to two people actually sharing the controls.

This would also be a way to stop technology from setting us apart, as such gameplay methods would end up bringing us together.

Judging by the overly optimistic physics of the game, this could be a member of the Need For Speed or Asphalt franchises. Even so, the player doesn’t appear to be doing too well, so while this affordable controller might seem like fun, it certainly won’t bring you to the podium.


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