SmartHalo Adds Navigation, Anti-Theft and Biometrics Functions to Any Bike

SmartHalo is probably the easiest way to add smart functions to any bicycle, regardless of whether we are talking about your kid's BMX, your mom's city bike or your mountain bike. Easy to install and impossible to remove without a special wrench, SmartHalo is powered by a rechargeable battery that provides up to three weeks of normal use.
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The main idea behind this project was to make things as simple as possible. SmartHalo will pair with your smartphone using a dedicated app and after you set up the destination and route, you can put the cell phone in your pocket or bag and forget about it.

One of the neat things about the SmartHalo is that it operates seamlessly. This means no on-off buttons, and no need to tweak things: the SmartHalo knows when you're around and also knows when you're no longer riding, and will turn on and off accordingly, maximizing battery life.

Turn-by-turn indications are provided by means of LED indicators in a ring formation, hence the "halo" thing. The number and position of lit LEDs indicate which way you must turn, but will also relay SMS or incoming call notifications.
Smart goes a long way
As for the riding data, SmartHalo will seamlessly, automatically record time, distance, average speed, calories burned, elevation and routes info. It will also activate the nighttime headlight when needed and shut it down as you park your bike or there is enough light to ride safety without the headlight.

A motion sensor detects if someone is trying to steal your bike and will set off an alarm. Deactivating it can be done by getting near the bike with the right phone, or by tapping a secret sequence you recorded previously. Not unlike a Morse code sequence, this gesture-based type of interaction also works when your phone is dead or you don't have it with you.

SmartHalo fits any bike and can still be had for an early bird price of $105 (€94), with the final price tag intended to be set at $149 (€133), and delivery expected in September. Follow the project to Kickstarter and get your SmartHalo.


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