smart fortwo Turns into Mini Tank

When most people think of the fortwo, they think of a small Barbie-mobile, with urban practicality. But some people just can’t leave it alone, adding motorcycle engines or big monster truck tires. However, we think this tops them all! It’s a smart tank and, surprisingly, it actually works.

The car has a full set of tracks and a camouflage scheme from the German Army. We can even see it has German number plates, so it should be road legal....ish.

The conversion must have been very difficult. The rear wheels have been replaced by the ones from a light armoured vehicle, thus driving the tracks, while the track length had to be shortened by removing some links. Because of the small dimensions of the fortwo, the suspension had to be shortened, but this shouldn’t be a problem since the custom vehicle won’t be traveling so fast.

The car now has a new front bumper that wraps well around the tracks. The doors had to be welded shut, so access to the inside is made through the sunroof. One technical problem we foresee for the mini tank is steering, which is done by varying the speed of each tack in a normal tank. This requires a special gearbox that probably doesn’t exist in the size required by the fortwo. Do we care that it only goes forward and back? No, we don’t!

We can clearly see that the car has been painted in modern-day German Army color scheme. It even has a serial number on the front. Other tank-like features include a hatch on the front, radio antenna and side containers for ammunition.

One thing is for sure, turn up in one of these at your local hair saloon and people will take notice.
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