smart fortwo ED Commercial: Squid Faced Alien!

Hey kids, do you want to see something that will give you nightmares for a week? You know all those trendy people driving around town in electric cars and smarts? They’re aliens, here to probe up and find out if we’re smart enough to notice.
smart fortwo ED 1 photo
smart found out and made a commercial just to let us know, so we don’t end up raising the children of a squid faced alien that goes off to tell his bodies about Earth.

The fortwos are powered by a 30 kW magneto-electric motor installed at the rear which provides a torque of 120 Nm at the first turn of the wheel. The unit enables the tiny vehicle to accelerate from naught to sixty in 6.5 seconds, just as fast as the petrol model. So, the aliens might be on to something!

Charging takes 3 hours and the 16.5 kWh battery allows for a maximum range of 135 km (83 miles).

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