SMART Choice for Crowded Cities

Tired of  synchronizing your schedule with your husband/boyfriend? Anxious to have more freedom of movement? Eager to show off in front of your beloved gossip friends? If yes to at least one question, you really need to have a car of your own...

The truth is that there are a lot of people that travel by car to work either because they live in faraway areas with no efficient public transportation around or because of convenience and comfort. A new trend of having your own vehicle has been developed in the past yeas so, now it results that in the same family, husband and wife drive separately to work.  That means more and more cars on the roads, more pollution, more traffic jams, fewer parking spaces, more stress, less time for yourself. How many times did you intend to park and had no free space? Was it at least one time when you thought: “I wish it was smaller...” The car, of course.

Well, not only smaller but also shorter, like for instance the smart alternative. Ok, you've seen them everywhere, it's not something new but you're just being too skeptical to make a change. To many of you, Smart automobiles might seem pretty unsafe or uncomfortable. Actually, at least as far as Smart is concerned, size doesn't matter when it comes to protection and comfort. Or at least, that's what experts say...Certainly it's not a car for all your three kids on a long trip. But let's not forget about the main purpose of the smart: easy to park and short enough to allow “nose-in” parking. No doubt a car for piercing into the crowd.

If you wonder why you should consider it a choice for crowded cities, you should know that a short car excels at two main things: the annoying parallel parking and winding its way through traffic. No more calvary to park! Hooray three times and jump into the room as if you have won the lottery. Actually, that's the spirit when you discover an easy way to park!

Moreover, if you are taking into consideration fuel consumption, the mini car has definitely won your heart. And also, attention female drivers, it's really easy and fun to drive and it exhibits an attractive design... to match your unique style, of course.

In case this sounds tempting to you, let's take a quick look at the models which were offered by the company throughout time. Yet, it's important to know from the very beginning that smart fortwo is the most outspread all over the world while the other models, though created for diversity and brand extension, weren't that successful.

smart fortwo

As the name suggests, smart fortwo is a two-seat vehicle, most likely for you and for your husband or for you and your secondary-school kid. The new smart is larger than the original, keeping the basic characteristics, with an increased space for luggage. The new capacity is to fit pedestrian protection requirements. According to Euro NCAP, the vehicle is quite safe (four stars out of five), at least regarding adult protection. But if I were you, I wouldn't want to be a pedestrian hit by a Smart as the model offers only minor defense to street passengers. As for children, obviously the car wasn't tested as it has no rear seats. No babies allowed but, as a compensation probably, the vehicle offers a generous space even for adults trying to lose weight. As for the tech chapter, the old model received criticism concerning its slow steering and its ponderous gear change but the good news is that both features were adapted for the new model. However, the car disappoints at an important level: money. Too expensive to go into a middle-class earner's garage...

smart forfour

If a two-seat vehicle is a little bit too small for you, the company has thought about adding two seats to the model and call it (unimaginatively) the smart forfour. The first car of this kind was introduced in 2003 and was developed with Mitsubishi, an interesting salad at first blink. Unlike the above-described model, the smart forfour inside offers infinite configurations for drivers, passengers and cargo. Also, it seems that the vehicle has been designed in a manner that passes all tricky US safety and emissions regulations, so you shouldn't worry (at least in theory) about protection or harming the precious environment. Another cool feature about the model is that you can choose between the roof in synthetic material, the roof "Panorama" in crystal and the sun-roof electrical worker in glass. The styling, the high fuel mileage, the low emissions and the driving capability make from Smart ForFour an alternative to other sports cars. Yet, we encounter the same problem as in Smart ForTwo: high prices. And perhaps, this might be an impediment in opting for such a car...

SMART Roadster

This is definitely a change in the Smart cars' pattern. Released in 2003, its transmission is a six-speed manual with a full automatic mode. The cockpit is roomy enough even for bigger people but you sit so low that you have the impression of being at other drivers' knees. Luggage areas consist of a boot in the front (where the engine is situated in conventional cars) and a shallow space in the tail that will include something like a briefcase or a small soft bag. Unfortunately, the company didn't get enough bucks to live up to its expectations and ceased the  production of this model. Price was also rather spicy but those who would like to have a funky car that takes them to work (and not only) should take into consideration a second-hand Smart Roadster.

smart crossblade

No doors, no windscreen, no roof...The vehicle looks more like a four-wheeled motorbike and only comes in left-hand drive.  The advantage of the lack of roof and windscreen is a lower centre of gravity which helps it feel more secure on the corners than the regular City Coupe. Needless to say, the model will fit you only if you happen to live somewhere with good weather all over the year. However, the entire interior can be protected against rain and solar radiation when required. For this purpose, each smart crossblade was equipped with a tarpaulin as standard.  The two-seat vehicle is an expression of personal freedom and independence and is addressed to those customers who enjoy feeling the wind in their hair and the having the blue sky above their heads... and perhaps admiring the palm trees on the edge of the road. Minuses: produced in limited edition and not for very long, you can consider yourself really lucky if you get a second-hand one...

Dare to take a ride? To be honest, a smart fortwo looks as if depicted from science fiction movies of twenty years ago. In fact, out of all models, this is the one and only to be used as an ideal city car. If it also flied over traffic jams, it would be Heaven on Earth! Who knows? The future's bright, future's smart...
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