Small Aston Martin Sedan Rendered, Looks Like a Smaller Rapide To Rival the BMW 3 Series

Last time we heard about an Aston Martin sedan, rumors were flying around suggesting the Brits wanted to build an electric Rapide sedan in the near future.
Small Aston Martin Sedan 3 photos
Small Aston Martin sedanSmall Aston Martin sedan
Also, we got to see the Lagonda Taraf being displayed in Saudi Arabia, after its Geneva debut. But the reason we're here telling you all this is a couple of renderings coming from Theophilus Chin.

The two pictures show how a potential small sedan from Aston Martin would look like, but if you didn't figure that out by now, here's the answer: like a shrunken Aston Martin Rapide.

However, a smaller sedan from Aston would leave the Panamera or the Mercedes-Benz CLS in Rapide's company, and instead, it would go and hunt for the likes of BMW 3 Series and Mercedes-Benz C-Class. Theophilus Chin tells us the Aston Martin sedan he imagined was created using the same size and proportions of the BMW 4 Series GranCoupe, but the resemblance with the Rapide is simply striking.

So, since the grown-up Aston Martin Rapide was this baby sedan's mentor, what should it hide under the hood? Personally, I'm thinking about the same V12 engine capable of delivering 560 horsepower in S guise used by the Rapide and the Lagonda Taraf, which was borrowed from the Vanquish.

In case they build it, we hope - for the sake of all those filthy rich customers around the globe - Aston Martin won't limit their potential small sedan to markets like Saudi Arabia.

I mean, with the Jaguar XE looking to unbalance the Mercedes-Benz C-Class - BMW 3 Series pair, a duel between to British cars would be an extra bonus for petrolheads.


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