Slowing Down Won’t Spare You the Crash and Cold Shower – Video

Riding a motorcycle is at times contradictory, and sort of negates the self-preservation instincts humans naturally develop. That is, one of such scenarios involves having to actually speed up to avoid crashing, despite the fact that the brain is in some sort of “oh my god, oh my god, this is sooo freaking wrong!” overdrive. The video below is the perfect example to illustrate how things usually go wrong when slowing down.
Epic fail ends in cold bath 1 photo
Photo: Facebook capture
It’s no secret- the faster a bike travels, the more stable it becomes, because of the very dynamics of the vehicle, gyroscopic effect of the wheels and all. This means that in some cases, throttling ahead has way more chances to keep a bike upright and even compensate for the lousy grip of the riding surface. This is also true when riding on sand and other similar surfaces - slowing down causes wobbling and will send you flying to the ground.

Slowing down was definitely one of the last things the fellow in this video should have done. The camera angle doesn’t provide enough info on whether the guy and his bike could actually fit around the pole at the end of the beam… but anyway, this was again, the last of problems.

The idea itself wasn’t too bright from the start, and most of the people who saw this agreed that passing the stream was doable. The rider should have stopped as close to the end of the beam as possible and ask for help keeping the bike straight as he would jump off it… because we really doubt it would fit.

Anyway, he hasn’t even gotten there. Funny things must have gone through his mind when he came to a halt, knowing the only way is down for a cold bath in the lake.

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