The Turtle
Global Expedition Vehicles is a company that makes or rather custom fits expedition vehicles. You may have heard of them before with the Pangea project. But here we have the less spacious but just as capable Turtle.

Slow and Steady Wins the Expedition Race in a Customizable Turtle by GXV

The TurtleThe TurtleThe TurtleThe TurtleThe TurtleThe TurtleThe TurtleThe TurtleThe Turtle
Just like the story goes, slow and steady wins the race. That also seems to be the case here, as is with most expedition vehicles. Now the actual Turtle itself is just the living space on the rear of your chosen truck. If you ever order a Turtle from GXV, you’ll have a choice between a Ford F550, Dodge Ram 5500, or a Fuso FG, all with 4x4 drive trains.

Truck aside, the living space is suited with just about everything you need to take a short one to two-week expedition. Two options exist for the body, a standard and XL, with the XL coming in at 12 inches longer than standard. As far as wall construction goes, it uses panels of closed-cell foam sandwiched between interior and exterior fiberglass reinforced polyester. An entrance door on the side and acrylic dual-paned windows offer access and light into the moving home.

I like to call it a home because as small as it may seem in comparison to other vehicles of this type, this steady footed creature is still packed with a number of comforts.

The Turtle
We can start off with the kitchen. Options for the kitchen include a stainless-steel sink and faucet, a single burner induction stove, and a refrigerator. A microwave and convection over are also included in case you just want to want up some leftovers. Cabinetwork includes lockable doors and drawers, so you don’t lose your bits going over some rocks.

To enjoy your meal, you’ll find a 2-person table with dining booth or sofa lounge that also converts into an auxiliary sleeping area. To help make this space easy to clean, all cabinets and countertops are covered in laminate finish. The flooring is made of commercial use vinyl while the interior walls are even washable.

The main bedding uses a 54 x 80-inch inner spring mattress that should be just fine for you and your significant other. But the XL version allows for a 60 x 80-inch bed. Some cabinets and drawers in this area allow you to store your more intimate garments, in case it’s an anniversary trip or something like that.

If things happen to get messy, as they do on such expeditions, a washroom with a stainless-steel sink and shower is available. To take care of business, we can find a cassette swivel toilet from Thetford. There’s even room for a medicine cabinet and a mirror in the space.

The Turtle
Extra options for the interior include upgrades in size and materials used for units like the refrigerator and freezer, countertops, and cabinets. Even an option for an extra bunk bed is available or if you’d simply like some custom dining cushions.

Electrical works is offered by Mastervolt electrical systems and includes USB outlets, wall plugins, shore power connection, and Easyview monitoring and management systems. Two Mastervolt batteries coming in at 270 ah each. If anything goes wrong, 400w of solar energy is also made available to us.

Plumbing and water supply is comprised of a 60-gallon (170l) fresh water supply that’s thermally protected from freezing and an 18-gallon (68l) gray water tank.

But that’s not all. More options exist for you to truly modify your Turtle than I have stated in the article. Just to name a couple. A wall-mounted HDTV, exterior hot and cold shower, water purifier, upgraded battery, even a world charger that allows charging on almost any voltage.


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