Slovakian Beauties Get Dirty while Playing with Traffic Cones as Exhaust Tips

Many car people out there have looked at their machines in the morning, or rather listened to them and thought "hmm... I need a louder exhaust,"
Hot WooHoo Girls using cones as sport exhaust 5 photos
Hot WooHoo Girls using cones as sport exhaustHot WooHoo Girls using cones as sport exhaustHot WooHoo Girls using cones as sport exhaustHot WooHoo Girls using cones as sport exhaust
Well, apparently, there's a pretty good DIY solution for this and it all has to do with traffic cones. As demonstrated by the pair of Slovakian beauties in the piece of footage below, these cones can certainly amplify the effect of a sports exhaust.

Notice that we didn't say it will necessarily make the exhaust louder. However, since we're talking about extra decibels, the purpose here is to draw more attention.

And we can guarantee you'll hit such a target if you decided to stick giant cones up your vehicle's exhaust tips and drive it that way. Sure, there might be one or two legal issue with such practices, so perhaps it's best to follow the example set by the video and pull such stunts outside public roads.

For those of you following our WooHoo girls stories, this is probably the most... informal you'll get to see the pair of full-time car aficionados.

However, we haven't brought you here just to show you the girls' morning routine. Instead, the second and the third clips below allow us to bring you a Q&A session with Nina Zagozdzon and Silvia Nedecka.

And since we don't want to ruin the fun of the moment, we'll let those of you who haven't met the girl figure out their names by watching the question-answering videos below. Do keep in mind not to take their adventures too seriously. The drifting they do is all too serious, though and here's a reminder of what happens when these girls go sliding.

P.S.: Make sure you keep an eye on the WH Girls, as you might just see then at next year's Gumball 3000 Rally.

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