Slippery Riverbank Road Failed Rescue Attempt Is Funnier Than It Should Be

A black SUV - looks like a previous-gen Honda CR-V, but the video quality is too bad to tell for sure - is stranded on the edge of a very slippery road right on the bank of a river (possibly a man-made lake next to a dam).
Failed rescue attempt 7 photos
Photo: LiveLeak screenshot
Failed rescue attemptFailed rescue attemptFailed rescue attemptFailed rescue attemptFailed rescue attemptFailed rescue attempt
The vehicle is hanging for dear life with one of the rear wheels up in the air and no chance of making it out of there without some help. This help could have come in two ways: somebody pulling the SUV out of there or the sun drying the mud and allowing the car to get out of there on its own, with traction restored.

Well, the time difference between the two would be considerable, so it appears as they resorted to the former. Of course, they now regret it, but at the time is sounded like the better option of the two.

Exactly how did the Honda (we'll go with it being a CR-V) end up there si beyond us. Was it a case of "I have a 4x4 car, so I can go anywhere I please. Hey, would you like me to show you something cool?" or simply another one of those instances when the satnav trolls its users and tells them to make a left turn off the edge of a cliff?

Sadly, the video does not come with a backstory, just like we would have liked to know whether the driver - and the eventual passengers - were still in the vehicle. Because if they were, it means we're terrible, terrible people.

Seeing that roll back truck coming down the slope and losing control... we just lost it ourselves and burst in laughter. The Chinese woman's commentary didn't help with our attempts to regain composure either. The sight of that Honda falling down the concrete bank, however, did. That was nasty.

Too bad they didn't stick around for the second rescue attempt. If they kept that up, that lake would soon be turned intro the world's first water-filled scrapyard.

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