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Slightly Rusty Ford Bronco II May Be the Cheapest Path to an Awesome 4x4 Project

If you follow what’s going on in the auto industry right now, we’re sure you’re despairing at the rising prices of used cars. Luckily for us off-roading fans, there are, in fact, still deals to be found to make your own off-roading project a reality.
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In its day, the Ford Bronco II was somewhat of a laughing stock, being lauded as everything from underpowered to downright dangerous in tight corners. Any tall and heavy vehicle has a risk of rolling over, but the Bronco II took that criticism in droves.

Today though, this little SUV could be yours for as little as $800 on websites like craigslist. With a little DIY know-how and a little bit of money, it could be one sick off-roading toy for the right buyer.

According to this Bronco IIs official private craigslist ad, the car has been off the road for at least four years, its New York registration tag having expired in October 2018. In its day, the Bronco II either sported a 2.9 liter Ford V6 or a Mitsubishi-derived turbo-diesel engine. Listing photos appear to indicate this Bronco II is equipped with the Ford powerplant.

For how rough and rusty this car’s exterior looks, the red cloth interior is in surprisingly solid shape. The cloth upholstery and black plastic trim components having faired much better than the paint-job.

With 150 thousand miles (241,400 km) indicated on the odometer, it’d likely take a fair bit of mechanical know-how to get the car running. Once it is though, you’ll have yourself an $800 off-road toy you don’t mind thrashing around a bit. It’s not like you’re going to care about scratching the paint.

So perhaps it’s time for one of us to break out the trusty tool kit and bring this off-roading project to life. Do you think you have the skills to get it running?


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