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Slammed Porsche 959 Is a GTA V Vessel on Forgiato Wheels

If you happen to love cars and be a hardcore gamer at the same time, you'll be thrilled by the virtual project sitting before us. That's because this Porsche 959 is a virtual build coming from Grand Theft Auto V.
Slammed Porsche 959 4 photos
Porsche 959 slammed on Forgiato wheels (GTA V)Porsche 959 slammed on Forgiato wheels (GTA V)Porsche 959 slammed on Forgiato wheels (GTA V)
The standard game doesn't feature official cars, steering clear of having to work with automakers for the actual designs. Instead, the in-game machines look similar to the ones you'd find at your local Cars and Coffee, allowing the players' imagination to fill in the gaps - the GTA series has been pulling this trick since the series landed in 3D back in 2001 (that was the third installment of the Rockstar Games-developed franchise).

Of course, the modding community has been hard at work over the years, which is why installing the fruits of its labor means being able to enjoy real designs while wreaking havoc in the game. And while such shenanigans have been going on for quite a while now, things are now explosive - as a result of the said mods, players not only get to use "real" cars, but also mod these.

Case in point with the Porsche 959 that brought us here. The senior Zuffenhausen halo model has been given the lowered treatment and this obviously meant it has to receive custom wheels - pixel tip to Instagram label Freditz.

And it looks like the new shoes of the Porscha are signed by Forgiato, while these pack a design inspired from the infamous Turbofan wheels. We're talking about a motorsport-born solution that sees the rims sucking air from under the car, thus generating downforce and providing cooling for the brakes.

Turbofans have become increasingly popular among real-world builders, so it was only natural for these to become part of the gaming community, as the two worlds seem to overlap more and more these days (this Need For Speed: Heat Polestar 1 halo car that has become a build is an example as good as any).


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