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Slammed Mercedes-AMG G63 "Dwarf" Looks Ridiculous, Has Fat Widebody

No, the "ridiculous" label hasn't been slapped onto this build because it's a slammed G63. Given the popularity this tuning sub-genre enjoys nowadays, the idea behind this Mercedes-AMG is only normal. Sadly, though, the final look of the project simply doesn't seem elaborate enough.
Slammed Mercedes-AMG G63 "Dwarf" 4 photos
Slammed Mercedes-AMG G63 "Dwarf" Looks RidiculousSlammed Mercedes-AMG G63 "Dwarf" Looks RidiculousSlammed Mercedes-AMG G63 "Dwarf" Looks Ridiculous
So while the Accuair-supplied air suspension brings the new G63 to the kind of ride heights that emphasizes the features of the vehicle, the widebody kit is the one that shoots outside the target.

Back when this project was just being teased (check out the last Instagram post below), it looked quite promising. Nevertheless, if the look of the wide arches may or may not be fitting, there's no doubt about the side skirt extensions falling short of expectations. Then we have the extensions for the side exhaust of the Mercedes-AMG G63, which are all right, but still no match for the spot-on look of the factory design. 

So the whole transformation looks like somebody lowered an Affalterbach-massaged G Wagon, threw in an awesome set of wheels (more on this below) and then called in a five-year-old to connect the dots. Admittedly, the still-boxy shape of the new G Wagen might be a tough nut to crack when it comes to lowering adventures.

The new shoes of the machine were supplied by Rotifom and there's something about their butch design that fits the military origins of the Gelandewagen - the original 1970s model, which soldiered on until 2018 with the help of countless upgrades, wasn't initially intended for civilian use.

Note that the wheels are shod in Toyo tires, with the aggressive groove of the rubber being part of the vehicle's image. And since the body of the car comes in white, the black finish of the wheel/tire package generates a stark contrast.

Regardless of how it is perceived, this G63 build will get plenty of attention, since it's being displayed at SEMA this week.


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