Slammed Lamborghini Urus Looks Like The Dark Side

The penning masters over at the Lamborghini Centro Stille are known for their ability to make wonders. However, there's only so much they could do for the styling of the Urus, given the fixed points dictated by the shared platform of the super-SUV. Naturally, aftermarket developers had to step in, which is how we ended up with contraptions such as the one portrayed here.
Stanced Lamborghini Urus 1 photo
Yes, we are looking at a rendering. However, the appearance of this Lamborghini Urus isn't that different to that of certain projects we've seen in the real world (more on this below).

That's correct: the microscopic ground clearance of this Raging Bull is owed to an extreme air suspension setup. And perhaps such a setup could be possible in the metal, albeit with this coming as an extreme setup that wouldn't allow for the car to be driven for obvious steering-related reasons.

Then we have the custom wheels of the Sant'Agata Bolognese toy, which are wrapped in Nitto rubber. Heck, the color combo involving the body and the wheels is enough to turn this Lambo into an attention magnet.

And, in case you're wondering, that's carbon on the roof box of the vehicle (hey, at least is reduces some of the weight placed in an area where it matters the most.

Oh, and by the way, Jonsibal, the artist behind this virtual build, should know a thing or two about custom cars, since, for instance, he drives an air-cooler Porsche 911 that has received the RWB touch.

As for those actual lowered examples of the Lamborghini Urus mentioned above, here's one that will make the point. It's no secret that such a treatment limits the offroading abilities of the machine, something the Italian engineers spend precious time honing, but this part of the (after)market is all about the look.


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