Slammed Lamborghini LM002 "Mad Truck" Shows the Urus How It's Done

It's difficult to mention the Lamborghini Urus without thinking of its ancestor, the LM002, a truck that Sant'Agata Bolognese built between 1986 and 1993, way before high-riders became cool. Of course, these retro thoughts take all sorts of shapes, such as the extreme rendering that now sits in front of us.
Slammed Lamborghini LM002 "Mad Truck" (rendering) 4 photos
Slammed Lamborghini LM002 "Mad Truck" (rendering)Slammed Lamborghini LM002 "Mad Truck" (rendering)Slammed Lamborghini LM002 "Mad Truck" (rendering)
This digital work shows an LM002 that has been taken quite far from its factory form and, before zooming in on its details, let's take a few moments to discuss why someone would come up with such a creation - this means we need to bring our attention back to the Urus once again.

Image you're one of the Lamborghini people who worked on the Urus and you open your social media feed only to be assaulted with images of such Raging Bulls that have been brought closer to the ground and perhaps fitted with widebody kits - with the need for exclusivity on the rise, this is an inevitable reality, whether we enjoy it or not. As such, it's not difficult to understand the reason for which digital artist Khyzyl Saleem decided to apply such treatment to the daddy of the Italian SUV.

And since we're talking about one of the top rendering artists out there, the aficionado couldn't simply slam the LM002 and call it a day.

For starters, this Sant'Agata Bolognese machine features an air suspension (the pixel master even explains this in the description of the Instagram post below), which means its ground clearance can go past the microscopic value seen here.

Much to nobody's surprise, such a virtual build requires the kind of wheels that stand out and this Lambo has five of them, massive shiny lips and all. It's just that the beefy angular arches that use to cover the wheels have been adapted into a custom widebody approach.

Gaze at the lower side of the vehicle and you'll notice an aero armor that's not unlike that found on, say, the Lamborghini Gallardo Super Trofeo Stradale we reviewed back in the day.

Then again, the bars adorning the front and rear end, as well as the bed, which seem to have maintained their factory form, show this Italian toy still wants to preserve its practical side. Is this possible? Well, you can check out the toy below and be the judge of that.

PS: With the Italian automaker having only produced 328 units of the LM002, we're glad this project is confined to the pixel realm.


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