Slammed Hemi Cuda Looks Like an Aircraft Carrier, Will Destroy All

No, there's no reason to fret over this Hemi Cuda build involving a microscopic ground clearance. For one thing, we're dealing with a rendering here, so no actual Mopar toys were touched in the making of this image.
Slammed Hemi Cuda rendering 1 photo
Of course, the color adorning the wheels has been chosen since this color is so dear to Mopar aficioandos. As for the tall HEMI that occupies the nose of this contraption, well, I'll once again state we're looking at a rendering here.

And trying to scan the "explanation" that the digital artist behind the pixel play delivered won't bring extra clues.

Yasid Oozeear is the one behind this virtual build - the aficioando always enjoys playing with iconic machines and most, if not all of his work ends up offending purists (more on this below).

So, what did the artist say about this air suspension Cuda? Well, here it goes: "Dropped Cuda. I always get amused when people claim that bagged cars will have trouble driving or going over speed bumps,"

Now, if this Hemi Cuda seems like a bold makeover, you should see some of the pixel wielder's other work. For instance, here's a Lamborghini Countach that has been gifted with the infamous rear bumper delete.

You know, the trend that sees owners of twin-turbo Lambos removing the rear bumper so that everybody can enjoy the forced induction view.

Still not scared? Good, let's try this Lamborghini Miura while we're talking extreme rendering that portray Sant'Agata Bolognese machines. The styling icon has been gifted with a widebody kit, while packing a transparent engine cover.

And if you've made it this far, then you definetly need to be reminded of the fact that the world has already received a widebody Miura. Fortunately, when Liberty Walk came up with such a Lamborghini, it actually used a replica, which in turn was based on a Ford GT40 replica.


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