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Slammed and White or Red Cobra Enjoys a Rosy Digital Field on Rotiform Aerodics

Never thought that the AC Cars/Shelby Cobra would be an extreme sports car to enjoy anything else rather than swirling tracks, canyon curves, or the next auto show apparition. Yet, here it is, a white Cobra on vacation. Or is it a crimson one?
Slammed AC Cars/Shelby Cobra widebody nature rendering by al.yasid 6 photos
Slammed AC Cars/Shelby Cobra widebody nature rendering by al.yasidSlammed AC Cars/Shelby Cobra widebody nature rendering by al.yasidnature renderings by al.yasidnature renderings by al.yasidnature renderings by al.yasid
Produced both in the United Kingdom and the United States, AC Cars/Shelby Cobras have arguably become some of the most recognizable sports cars out there. And there’s a logic behind it: timeless design, open-top roadster “wind in your hair/face” trickery, and massive performance.

Naturally, the Americana versions – mostly owing to their big-block V8s and multitude of replicas or crazy builds – are a bit more famous than the Brit ones. Unfortunately, there is no clue as to the exact whereabouts and origin of this particular Cobra that has what the author calls a “rose influence.” But it does not even matter if we are CGI-dealing with an AC or Shelby creation.

This is because it has been thoroughly hijacked by London, UK-based virtual artist Al Yasid, better known as al.yasid on social media, who did yet another nature-themed digital project to upset all purists. The recent series so far has included a protruding twin-turbo Ferrari 365 Daytona GTB4 sitting in a spring garden, a wild McLaren Speedtail P959 that might have thought tulip dreams are natural habitats, as well as a tubular-caged Ferrari GTC4Lusso that was just thrown on top of a green field.

Now, there are no more overlanding influences to speak of, as the widebody Cobra rides slammed/bagged in white or crimson and is seen here enjoying the CGI scenery (with seaside urban goodies) from within a rose field! Well, the artsy series is not getting any weirder, it seems, as somehow, we have a feeling this sports car is just trying to enjoy a little sunny break from the usual norm. One that might include all sorts of feisty shenanigans, judging by the massive string of modifications or Rotiform’s AeroDisc!

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