Skoonbox Is the World’s First Maritime Battery Container, Ready to Help Cut Emissions

In times when battery technology development is one of the most important issues when it comes to mobility, it’s not surprising that a versatile battery container would prove to be highly useful for maritime applications, as well. Skoonbox proves that there are many ingenious ways of reaching the net zero carbon goal in the shipping industry.
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Skoonbox made its debut a few years ago, but it’s now making waves again, because it will be operated by the world-renown Damen shipyard, which is on its way to developing a sustainable battery network for multiple applications. Some of the world’s biggest shipyards are looking for ways to support the transition towards a clean energy industry. Damen is betting on Skoonbox, which is considered the only multi-purpose battery container that’s also maritime-certified.

This 20-foot (6 meters) container is filled with 314 lithium batteries that can provide 638 kWh of renewable energy. It can be used as a sustainable alternative to diesel generators, and thanks to its versatility, it can operate both on shore and off shore. For example, ships that are berthed at Damen’s repair yards could use it as a shore-based source of energy. That way, they can turn off their engines while they’re berthed, which helps save a considerable amount of toxic emissions.

Also, by placing these containers on a barge, they can turn into a “floating battery” that helps supply ships at sea with green energy. Since it was first introduced, at the 2018 World Port Days, Skoon Energy’s innovative container has proved to be successful for various applications, in the Amsterdam Port area.

The Damen Group plans to eventually deploy the Skoonbox all over the world. Skoon Energy has also developed other energy solutions in addition to this battery container, and has also launched a software platform that brings together those who require mobile energy solutions and those who can provide them.

The prestigious maritime group is committed to reducing its ecological footprint, and replacing diesel generators with Skoonbox is an important step in that direction.

Editor's note: Gallery showing various energy solutions developed by Skoon Energy

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