Skodas on Bentley Wheels: Win or Fail?

Skodas on Bentley Wheels: Win or Fail? 7 photos
Photo: Briskoda
Skodas on Bentley Wheels: Win or Fail?Skodas on Bentley Wheels: Win or Fail?Skodas on Bentley Wheels: Win or Fail?Skodas on Bentley Wheels: Win or Fail?Skodas on Bentley Wheels: Win or Fail?
Unless you're into the whole "VAG" thing and following Dieselgate, few of you are, the fact that people are putting Bentley wheels on normal cars shouldn't be common knowledge.
We've seen dozens of Volkswagen models do it, especially the Golf, Passat, Scirocco, CC, and Eos. However, few people have shared the fact that Audi and even Skoda owners are getting in on the action.

These aren't real Bentley wheels. Last time we checked, those would cost as much as a whole Golf, and 17-inch alloys for the Continental aren't a thing. So they're replicas, mostly made in China, and costing about €1,000.

Now, in no way are we saying that you should go out and fit fake wheels to your family car. It's a waste of money, but people still buy those $100 iPhone knockoffs which don't even connect to the network.

As you'd expect, the Octavia is the prime target for a wheel swap, usually the RS model. If you think about it, this is a match made in heaven, since the "fast Skoda" is already a bit of a faker.

If you buy the TDI model, the right side exhaust is fake, just like the engine sound you hear inside the cabin or the limited slip differential. Also, a 0 to 100 km/h time of 7 seconds (220 HP model) should allow the Octavia RS to be called a hot hatch.

We've managed to find a few previous-generation Octavia RS models rolling around on Bentley wheels too, thanks to a specialist forum called Briskoda. Something tells me the Fabia will never get the same treatment, but a first-generation Superb sedan was even fitted with air suspension, bringing those fake alloys further into the bodywork.

So what do you guys think, is this an interesting look or tuning fail? Sound off in the comments section below.

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