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Skoda’s Air Care System Monitors Air Quality Outside the Vehicle to Keep You from Sneezing

Aren’t allergies the worst? I mean, not only can they ruin your day, but they can be particularly dangerous when you’re behind the wheel of a car, especially if you start sneezing. In fact, at just 30 mph (48 kph), a sneeze can supposedly leave you blinded for nearly 33 yards (30 meters), which is pretty scary if you stop to think about it.
Skoda details its Air Care System 6 photos
Skoda details its Air Care SystemSkoda details its Air Care SystemSkoda details its Air Care SystemSkoda details its Air Care SystemSkoda details its Air Care System
So, what’s the solution then? Well, if you live in Europe and you own a Skoda, you’ll be happy to know that the Czech carmaker is out to help people who suffer from various pollen-based allergies. The so-called Climatronic with Air Care System is available across the Skoda range, and it uses a multitude of sensors to monitor outside air quality.

If necessary, it will activate the air recirculation automatically, as the cabin air filters catch fine dust particles and help prevent allergens from getting in. Furthermore, the Air Care System will keep your Skoda free of most pollen and fine dust particles year-round, and you can get it either as standard or as an optional extra.

Meanwhile, to prevent the windshield from misting up at above freezing temperatures, this system will automatically activate the air conditioning compressor, directing air to the windshield and windows. If the cabin needs to be dehumidified, ventilation is increased, and air begins to circulate rapidly through the highly efficient filter system.

Skoda uses three different cabin filters inside its vehicles – there's the basic version you get for the entire model range, followed by an activated carbon filter that also absorbs unpleasant odors. The third version is the previously mentioned filter that’s capable of removing allergens.

In order to keep filtration effective, you’re advised to replace cabin filters every 18,000 to 36,000 miles (29,000 - 58,000 km), preferably in the spring or early summer. Also make sure to check your air conditioning system around that same time, so that you won’t have any issues once the weather gets really hot.

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