Skoda VisionC Might Actually Preview New Superb, Due Out by 2015

With ever bolder and more exciting concepts coming out from Skoda's vision factories, it's easy to dream of a totally different Czech brand, one that competes in a more premium niche with truly exciting performance coupes. However, the reality of this brand's placement within the VW Group dictates budget cars will always be the main agenda, even if they reposition themselves further upstream.
Skoda VisionC and Superb facelift 1 photo
On their Geneva Motor Show stand this year, the Czechs showed us a very exciting new concept called the VisionC. Before the event, it was hyped a preview for a Skoda version of the Volkswagen CC, but that might not be the case.

Skoda concepts have always been about previewing future design, which is why the VisionC might also preview the next Superb. An official Volkswagen Group statement from last week made it quite clear that a new Superb would be launched some time between now and the end of 2015. A flagship model carrying a lot of significance for the company that makes it would naturally have to be previewed in some way.

Besides the green bodywork, the Geneva concept's most striking feature is a triangular LED headlight design. Upon careful inspection, we realized that only the Superb has headlights that are "heavier" towards towards the exterior. It's a stretch, but the next-gen could drop the rounded design and pick up the triangle, since this is a much better fit for the angular design Skodas have been adopting.

Another big tell is both the flagship sedan and the green concept come with grilles bars that slant further and further going from the badge to the headlights, like a fan.

Like the new Octavia III, the Superb II will be built on the MQB platform. That means they will share all sorts of new engines and will have the same distance between the footwell and the axis of the front wheels. Diesel, petrol, natural gas and we're pretty sure plug-in hybrid engines will all be fitted and made available with front- and all-wheel drive.


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