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Skoda Superb Gets Undeserved Sexy Review

Whenever a distinguished older gentleman wants to buy a new car and considers a Peugeot or a Renault, there’s always somebody to whisper “buy a Skoda Superb, I heard it’s really good”. While the Superb doesn’t come with the soft lines or huge engines of some of its rivals, it actually has the comfort and refinement that most people desire in the executive class.
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This year, a facelift was put on sale by the Czech automaker and it’s landed straight in Russia, where our favorite Russian reviewer of the moment, Anastasia Tregubova, took it for a spin. It’s amazing to see just how many features Skoda is cramming into this car, which let’s face it, is no Mercedes.

Just for the record, the new Superb features standard stop-start and cuts fuel consumption by as much as 19%. Two petrol (1.4 and 1.8) and two diesel (140 and 170 PS 2.0 TDIs) are available, although we have a sneaking suspicion Anstasia is driving the very rare V6. The latest version of Skoda's Park Assist, meaning it'll now automatically reverse bay-park itself, as well as handling parallel parking for you. What more could you want?

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