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Skoda Rapid Gets Impaled by Bamboo Poles in China

No matter where you live, accidents are usually caused by bad weather, bad drivers, and DUIs. Russia has too much cheap vodka, while America has substance abuse. However, there's one thing that you won't have to deal with, which is being impaled by Bamboo spears.
Skoda Rapid Gets Impaled by Bamboo Poles in China 4 photos
Skoda Rapid Gets Impaled by Bamboo Poles in ChinaSkoda Rapid Gets Impaled by Bamboo Poles in ChinaSkoda Rapid Gets Impaled by Bamboo Poles in China
That's right; it's all prancing tiger hidden danger on the highways of one of the most congested countries in the world.

Before anything else, let's get one thing straight: the driver of the car that got hit is totally at fault, as he's coming off a secondary street. But that has to be the stupidest placement of speed humps ever seen. More like deathtrap than speedtrap!

This is apparently happening in China since that's the Weibo logo at the top of the video. And it appears to be a LHD road, which means the driver surely got a faceful of bamboo. But even if he were on the right, it's not like the window could have stopped anything.

The internet is filled with gruesome videos of impaled or decapitated people who got hit by poles or guard rails coming through the windshield. But the good news is those poles weren't traveling fast enough to be deadly... we hope.

The woman in the back was unharmed and immediately got out to check on the driver. A mob of people immediately swarms the Skoda Rapid and a few moments later we see a white-shirted man emerging from behind the wheel.

So why is the truck carrying such a large stack of bamboo? Well, it can be used for making paper, but that's usually done with year-old bamboo shoots, whereas these are sturdy old shafts, probably about 10 meters long each.

Our best guess is that these belong to a construction sight. In Asia, it's pretty common to make scaffolding from bamboo, which is flexible, light and cheap. Skyscrapers tens of stories high are almost always constructed using this natural material.

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