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Six-Wheeler Formula One Cars Coming to Goodwood

The Goodwood Festival of Speed will join together for the first time ever all three of the strangely shaped six-wheeler formula one cars for this year’s hill event. Even if you don’t know anything about these cars and aren’t into F1, their strange shapes will surely attract you.
Tyrrell P34 1 photo
Tyrrell P34, March 2-4-0 and Williams FW08B will all be attending the show, bringing together eighteen wheels of F1 madness.

The Tyrrell Project 34 is probably the most famous of the three, a car that used specially manufactured 10-inch-diameter (250 mm) wheels and tyres at the front, with two normal-sized wheels at the back.

The idea behind the design is to reduce the lift caused by the big wheels at the front, thus improving downforce, also increasing the contact patch between the tires and the road.


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