Single Woman Lives and Travels Around in a KIMBO Pickup Camper Attached to a Toyota Tacoma

Meet Jesse, a young woman who travels around with her dogs in a KIMBO pickup camper mounted on a Toyota Tacoma.
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The KIMBO is constructed out of aluminum and can be easily taken off with the removable jack lifts. This camper is made of tiny removable panels, which reminds us of a LEGO set. This way if one panel gets damaged you do not need to change the whole camper, but only a tiny piece.

Walking inside, we get into one big room with a propane-powered Dickinson heater, a Dometic 12V fridge, and a small sink.

On the other side of the kitchenette, Jesse arranged a working space area with a small table that goes from underneath the raised storage shelves. A solar generator and air conditioning can also be found here.

The bedroom hosts a double-size bed with a big window that lets you sun gaze. To combat the heat that is produced in a metal box like this, an air fan was added on the roof, and also an air system underneath the bed.

A few LED lights illuminate this whole tiny camper, while also creating a cozy and warm atmosphere.

Between the kitchen and bedroom, there is a small hidden compartment underneath the floor. A pull-out shower was added here. The shower curtain attaches to the roof hooks that are all around the air fan. The compartment also has a floor with many drain holes; this way the water is taken out of the camper through a tube.

For the owner's electricity and hot water needs, a few solar panels have been installed on the roof, and a 7-pound propane tank can be found on the rear side. Living off-grid might be an annoyance, but it is worth the pain for taking care of our planet.

As you can see, this is not your usual small house; it is very compact with limited space to even move around, but it works well for people who only need a tiny space to live in while traveling around.

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