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Singer Porsche 911 Targa Concept (992) Looks Retro-Futuristic

Ladies and gentlemen drivers, allow me to point out that the rendering-delivered concept we have here doesn't come from Singer Vehicle Design. In fact, this concept is to Stinger what the latter is to Porsche, since it takes the specialist's offering to a whole new level.
Singer 911 Targa Concept 1 photo
Bruno Arena, the label behind the concept, is actually an aficionado who likes to spend days in Turin, so the fetish for design easily becomes obvious.

The digital artist has decided to answer a question that nobody (probably) asked: what if Singer would go further than ever before?

You see, the California-based aftermarket specialist already builds a 911 Targa, with its restomod classic Neunelfer selling for around half a million dollars.

However, the contraption immagined in this renderings is not based on an air-cooled 911. Instead, it seems to build on the current 992 Neunelfer.

And since 992 Porsche 911 Targa prototypes have already been spotted testing, this dream doesn't seem like it should remain confined to the virtual world.

Now, the central exhaust layout seems to speak of the GT3 engine. Well, I am glad to remind you that the 992 GT3 has been testing for quite a while, with both standard (if such an adjective can be used here) and Touring Package prototypes having been spotted - expect the production model(s) to land next year.

The all-glass roof of the machine we have here reminds us of the approach Porsche used for the Targa versions of the 996 and 997. But the surface play found on various areas of the concept, such as the lower front and rear aprons, seems alien as far as the Zuffenhausen realm is concerned.

Nevertheless, the styling melange that is this Porsche 911 Targa seems to work quite well, which is why you should make use of the swipe feature when checking out the Instagram posts below. You know, for the full eye candy.


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