Simple Driving Laws You Might (But Shouldn’t) Break This Summer

It’s August, which means that this is that time of the year when most Europeans hit the road for their annual vacation. Given the ongoing health crisis, this will probably mean more personal vehicles on the road so, if you’re in one of these and are driving through the UK, a quick word.
Driving after a shower in a heatwave is not recommended in the UK 1 photo
The UK has a strict set of rules for driving in adverse weather, and this includes a heatwave. Many of the possible offenses that you could make and not have a single clue about it are in regards to these, and could land you hefty fines, points off your license or even driving bans.

You know what they say, it’s best to be safe than sorry. No one likes a vacation if it includes brushes with the law.

For starters, since it’s summer, keep in mind that not wearing sunglasses when driving could land you an on-the-spot fine and up to three penalty points. A traffic police officer could find you guilty of driving without due care and consideration if the sun shines directly in your face. If you cause an accident because you were blinded by the sun glare (how very Prince Philip of you!), the penalty goes up.

But here’s the funny part: according to MoneyShake, you could be breaking the law even if you’re wearing sunglasses. Filter category 4 lenses, for instance, block a lot of the light and, as such, are deemed unsuitable for driving. If you’re wearing shades with this type of lenses, you’re in trouble, buster.

Installing a bike rack on your car is also fine-worthy if this means you’ve blocked visibility to your license plate, as is overloading the car over the weight recommended by the maker. Break into another person’s vehicle to free a dog (or any other animal) you believe is heat-distressed, and you could land behind bars for the next 10 years for destruction of property. In such a case, it’s best to just call the cops before smashing that window, and they will tell you what to do.

Taking hay-fever medication is a similarly bad idea, since most types tend to have side-effects like blurred vision and drowsiness. Whether you cause an accident or not, admission of taking this type of medication before driving will carry an unlimited fine, 3 to 11 points off and a short stint behind bars.

Driving after a summer shower could get you in trouble, too. As per the Road Surface Treatments Association (RSTA), asphalt roads tend to “bleed” through to the surface after the rain, which reduces skidding resistance. If you cause an accident because of the slippery road, you will be held responsible – and face prison time and an unlimited fine.

Last but not least, remember to turn the AC on or to crack open the window. There’s a section of the Highway Code that addresses the issue of driving in a heatwave and how you’re responsible for maintaining the interior of the car well-ventilated to avoid drowsiness. Fail to do so, and you could face a severe penalty combining prison time, an unlimited fine and up to 11 points off your license.


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