SimCity Game Implements Nissan Leaf Charging Stations

Full electric vehicles are slowly starting to expand into the digital world to further advertise their capabilities and Eco-friendly performance.
Nissan Charging Station in SimCity 1 photo
After people were given the possibility to drive certain EVs in racing games, such as the Tesla Roadster in the latest Need For Speed Most Wanted edition, SimCity integrated Nissan Leaf charging stations to its town simulation game series.

Playing such a game, you will find that you can build up to five charging stations throughout the level, after which several Nissan Leafs will appear roaming on the virtual streets and use them as needed. Also, the citizens will be more happy for having low pollution levels, having big cheesy smiles on their faces.

Over 1.3 million people bought the latest SimCity game from its debut in March, the number expecting to grow since the simulator will be available for Mac systems in June.


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