Silly Suzuki Rider Changes Burnout to Burndown

Guys doing burnouts at motorcycle rallies have become a common sight and none of those who are acquainted with such meetings is surprised when they hear the roar of the engines reaching their rev limits.
A Suzuki bike burning because of a ruptured oil line 1 photo
Photo: Youtube capture
Neither is the sight of the white smoke, accompanied by the characteristic burnt rubber smell a thing too many riders care about. Basically, when a fellow decides it's time to burn some rubber, all he or she must do is, in most cases, comply with two rules.

Safety and timing

The first unspoken rule of burnouts deals with the safety of those that may be near the bike at a given time. That is, making sure that the place they choose for a burnout is not too close to beer gardens, tents or other appliances that are needed to remain fully functional during the rally.

At the same time, riders must make sure they will not lose control of the bike revving at the redline, and wedge its front wheel against an obstacle. As for the timing, most rallies have a "burnout curfew", and respecting that hour is a sign of civility.

When a burnout turns into a burndown

Revving the engines to the max for a prolonged time stresses them greatly, and makes certain parts more prone to failure. From jammed pistons to broken conrods, pretty much anything can break down.

Unfortunately for this guy, it looks like one of the oil hoses called it quits, and the hot oil caught fire from the red-hot collectors. Seeing riders trying to put out an oil fire with water and beer was funny, even though we've been concerned a little.

Adding water to burning oil is usually a very bad idea, and it's been more than once when things went very wrong this way. Now, it looks like this brave rider will have plenty of time to think about how smart he was on the way back home, proudly riding his burnt Suzuki. On the trailer.

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