Silly Mistake Leads to Silly Crash

It's hard to tell whether the road was wet or not, but one thing is obvious: we've seen much better riders in similar situations.
Silly Mistake Leads to Silly Crash 1 photo
Photo: Liveleak
Some claim there might be some oil on the road, or maybe the guy slides on the wet white lines, but from where we stand, it only looks like a little bit too much throttle during the turn.

Now, we know there are a lot of factors which might send a rider off the bike, but this chap went down way too easily, just like a noob would.

In case there was some slight sprinkle on the road, the fellow should have been tenfold more careful with the turning and throttle mix, as it's known by pretty much anyone that roads are far more dangerous in thin rain than they are after being literally washed by a heavy downpour.

Sprinkles bring out oily substances to the surface of the road and mix them with existing dirt, with the resulting compound being extremely slippery and requesting extreme care, especially in turns and during launches.

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