Silica Kitty Litter and a Sock Will Stop Your Car Windows from Fogging Up

Silica Kitty Litter and a Sock Will Stop Your Car Windows from Fogging Up 1 photo
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I have to this right now! Apparently, cat litter is the biggest life hack there is, as it stops your car windows from fogging up. Coolness!
One of the most frustrating things about starting your journey in winter is waiting for the windows to defog. Not only is the restricted visibility annoying, but it's also extremely dangerous while driving.

Before you delve any deeper into the quick fix, let's go over the cause of this phenomenon. Why do windows get covered in fog? It all has to do with a temperature difference between the outside of the car and the inside. During the winter, you crank up the heater and increase the temperature, while in summer the exact opposite happens. Foggy windows are a bit like the water droplets that form on your favorite bottle of fizzy drink or beer.

Of course, the water can't just come from nowhere. Part of it comes from your breath, which is why windows fog up quicker when there are lots of people inside your car. The older a car gets, the more worn its seals rubber seals become, so humidity can constantly accumulate from the rain as well.

To fix the problem, this next video suggests using kitty litter. Yes, kitty litter, but not the cheap stuff. You need silica crystals since they are excellent at absorbing moisture. Not only does it suck in all the water vapor, but it also gets rid of the smell.

So kitty litter doesn't get everywhere, the video proposes using two socks to keep it all together. Use a roll of tape to help pour the litter inside up to the ankle. We're not doctors or anything, but if little kitties can handle having silica on their fragile little paws, we should be fine keeping it in our car, right!? Just make sure not to lick any of it… don't ask why.

Best of all is that the miracle sock will probably work for about a year and when you are done, you can put the litter back into the cat's doo-doo box.

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