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Sikorsky's S-92 Helicopter Fleet Achieves Two Million Flight Hours

The number of flight hours for the Sikorsky S-92 helicopter continues to rise across all mission types. The global fleet of multi-mission aircraft recently hit two million flight hours, with many more expected to be accumulated in the future.
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Sikorsky S-92Sikorsky S-92Sikorsky S-92Sikorsky S-92Sikorsky S-92Sikorsky S-92
The S-92 is a versatile aircraft that can carry out almost any mission, including search and rescue, offshore oil transport, and commercial airline transport. The helicopter can be configured for different missions, and it is designed to be a cost-effective option that's easy to maintain.

Major oil companies rely on S-92s since they minimize risks. The aircraft are also used for civil search and rescue, with over 91,000 flights conducted, as well as other critical missions such as coastal and border patrol and disaster relief.

The S-92 is utilized for head of state missions by 13 countries and serves as the basis for the VH-92A that is expected to replace the current fleet of aging VH-3D and VH-60N presidential helicopters. Now, six years after hitting one million flying hours, the global fleet of Sikorsky S-92 has more than doubled that figure.

And it's no wonder since the helicopter is a very capable aircraft. The S-92 is powered by two CT7-8A engines produced by GE Aviation. The primary rotor system, which has four blades, is designed to meet FAA flaw tolerance criteria.

Speaking of that, the S-92 was the first helicopter in its class to meet the FAA and JAA safety requirements. The aircraft is outfitted with cutting-edge technology, such as active vibration control, a fully integrated flight management system with auto hover, and an array of advanced safety features.

Sikorsky doesn't plan to stop here. The aircraft manufacturer will continue to improve the helicopter and look for opportunities to utilize Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) across its fleet in order to meet environmental challenges. Earlier this year, an unmodified S-92 successfully completed its first SAF-powered flight. The aircraft covered a 1,500-mile (2,414-km) distance using a blend of biofuel and traditional jet fuel.

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