Sightseeing in New Zealand Is Done With a Jet Engined Boat

Imagine mounting a Chevrolet V8 engine producing 450 horsepower that operates on high octane aviation fuel on a custom build heavy gauge aluminum boat. Now, take a further step in our little game and picture yourself sitting in that metal adrenaline-producer hitting 80 km/h (50 mph) along Shotover River Canyons, in the Otago region of the South Island of New Zealand.
A jet boat trip on the Shotover River Canyons 1 photo
Photo: Shotover River Canyons
We’re looking at a beautiful 75-km river that runs through these gorgeous canyons in New Zealand. Walking on its margin would be good enough to get a proper grip of the local wilderness, but surfing down the river on board of a jet engined metal boat, that’s just a dream come true for any adrenaline junky.

That’s probably the reason why adventure YouTuber Devine Super Tramp decided to take a ride himself while filming the whole 30-minute boat trip with a nice 6K camera. On the other hand, considering he does these videos for a living, it’s most likely a marketing venture he did for Skippers Canyon Jet, the company doing the trips.

With skill and speed you will negotiate the narrow river channel, skimming over shallow 6 inch deep river beds, when suddenly you are going sideways, backwards, sideways and back facing the way you were going, WOW, that’s a Hamilton spin! 360 degree spin, as the boat turns in its own length,” the New Zealanders describe the trip.

As to the boats, according to the company, the vessels were custom built specifically to operate in the upper Shotover River. Made of heavy gauge aluminum, the jetboats are designed for maximum strength and maneuverability. The thrust comes via a Hamilton 212 jet unit that pumps 25,000 liters (6604 gallons) per minute.

Now that is what you call adventure!

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