Sickest Carbon Fiber e-Bike on Indiegogo Is Coming - The Trending CrownCrusier

There’s no doubt that urban mobility is booming. So much in that technology once used by the automotive industry is new spewing over into urban vehicles. Take the CrownCrusier as the perfect example of an e-bike teeming with carbon fiber and fresh tech.
CrownCruiser Carbon Fiber e-Bike 14 photos
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Currently funding on Indiegogo, you’ll find a project that’s already been fully funded and will, in the near future, offer the world a city cruising e-bike constructed from as much carbon fiber as possible. Not only that, but since technology has been advancing at an alarming rate in recent years, be sure to see tons of little extras that will make you feel like the coolest kid on the block.

Now, about CrownCruiser Motors, you won’t find much. They are a U.K. startup looking to do urban mobility on a whole new level. What makes this e-bike so special? Just look at it for god's sake! Aside from the massive monocoque carbon fiber frame, every part of this bike screams innovation and fresh tech, all neatly integrated into a capable EV that’s sure to turn heads.

CrownCruiser Carbon Fiber e\-Bike
Guess what, the fork is carbon fiber as well, however, there’s a catch. Even though the fork is completely solid, you’ll still find a suspension system provided by a RockShox Monarch RT3, enough to smoothen out the ride while keeping things light. This shock is mounted at the top of the forks and connected to the frame. But, combing through the manufacturer's details, I was unable to find out if the rear to includes some suspension properties aside from those already provided by carbon fiber.

As for the motor running this beast, a brushless DC hub motor with a power range between 250 watts and 1000 watts. With two different speeds, the Crown can reach speeds upwards of 31 mph (49.9 kph) with “Throttle” setting, while pedal assist only runs up to 15.5 mph (25 kph). All this is then held together with Gates Carbon Drive ensuring you’ll get the least worrisome ride out of this $3,339 (€2,837 at current exchange rates) e-bike. If you ask me, that’s a hella sweet price for that much carbon fiber.

CrownCruiser Carbon Fiber e\-Bike
Being the e-bike that it is, the Crown also includes a battery pack integrated into the frame and easily removed for recharging. A 14.5 Ah or 11.5 Ah battery is available and can carry this bike up to 100 miles running with a pedal assist at 15.5 mph (25 kph). Yup, technology is just getting sweeter. Did I mention that this battery also feeds an integrated wireless phone charger? Yup, and it works with iOS and Android.

Completed with a 180 mm (7.08 in) brake rotor and 203 mm ((8 in) rotor on the front, braking shouldn’t be an issue even if the carrying capacity of 330 lbs (150 kg) is achieved. For safety, the Crown includes LED headlight and integrated seat post taillight, not to mention a gyro and accelerometer sensors that determine a fall or accident and alert emergency contacts. Throw on a pair of 26-inch, 3-inch-wide tires and this sucker looks ready to cruise through more than just city streets.

CrownCruiser Carbon Fiber e\-Bike Phone Charger and Battery
One thing you’ll notice about the bike is that it brings back the Café Racer style design, a feature that’s very in trend right now. But, this example of carbon fiber and café racer styling isn’t one that’s an eye sore. To go a bit further, you are also offered a wide selection of color schemes and highlights to personalize the Crown to your style. I'd leave it bare for the world to see all that carbon goodness.

If trends keep moving in the direction of vehicles like the CrownCruiser, then things just might keep getting better and better. Only one question remains, how soon before this EV becomes obsolete like the rest?

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