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Sick of The Traffic Jams? You Can Take the Water-Bus in Sweden

While some car manufacturers keep looking for ways to get more and more horsepower out of their engines, there are still places in the world where people believe public transportation will get them there faster. Researchers from KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Sweden have a plan involving water-buses that would allegedly spare one-third of the time for a typical trip across the city.
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A group of researchers from Stockholm’s Institute have recently published a study that shows a new ground braking way to solve the city’s transit problems. Basically, their project follows the principle that “across is always closer than around”. Calling it “Waterway 365”, the scientists propose incorporating water busses into the existing public transport service.

The system design involves a water bus unlike any other and, according to its designers, it would be a solution for many other cities in the world. More precise, many places with significant water frontage could integrate a number of key factors that would improve the transit efficiency.

The researchers say the water-bus system would create an interface between land and water-based transport modes. The study shows that door-to-door travel time, on at least one typical trip across Stockholm, could potentially be reduced by one-third. And all that without affecting the environment.

In case you didn’t know, combined, the public and private sectors in Sweden allocate over 3.5% of GDP to research and development per year. This percentage puts Sweden on the second place in the world.

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