Show Your Love for Ducati With Its 2023 Apparel Collection Featuring New and Improved Gear

If you’re a die-hard Ducati fan, what better way to show your passion for the brand than by wearing its apparel collection? Ducati just unveiled its 2023 clothing collection to the public; read on to find out more about it.
Ducati Apparel 2023 Collection 10 photos
Ducati Apparel 2023 CollectionDucati Apparel 2023 CollectionDucati Apparel 2023 CollectionDucati Apparel 2023 CollectionDucati Apparel 2023 CollectionDucati Apparel 2023 CollectionDucati Apparel 2023 CollectionDucati Apparel 2023 CollectionDucati Apparel 2023 Collection
It’s a complete range of products that satisfy the needs of all motorcycle enthusiasts, neatly blending safety and performance. The aesthetics resulted from a collaboration between Centro Stole Ducati and Aldo Drudi – the name might not ring a bell, but it’s the creative force behind Valentino Rossi’s helmet designs, as well as other competitive moto riders. Moreover, for the first time, the Ducati Corse line boasts a common graphic theme with the three shades of red on the MotoGP livery.

The Ducati Performance collection is adapted to the entire range of Ducati Models – the brand divided the products by use into three categories: Racing, with pieces designed for track riding; Sport is for road riding; Touring helps you go the distance, and Urban allows for urban mobility while still providing protection and style.

If you’re a racing enthusiast, you might be happy to know that the highlight is the renewal of the iconic Ducati Corse C6 suit. It’s made of soft full-grain leather and features several elements that protect you in case of the worst. It comes with thermoformed composite protectors on the shoulders, elbows, and knees, with additional soft protectors on the hips and coccyx. If you end up sliding after an impact, the steel plates on the shoulders, knees, and elbows will keep you safe. The torso is also designed to fit in the new Company 3 Wave back protector.

Freedom of movement is critical when wearing any protective equipment – the Tri-axial elastic insert on the back allows for flexible moves. The large, perforated areas in the suit let air flow inside the garment to keep you cool.

Ducati Apparel 2023 Collection
You can customize some garments just as you wish with the exclusive Ducati SuMisiura program – add your personal touch regarding the graphic design and adjust the clothes according to your physical conformation. The Corse D-Air C2 suit will be available for the first time outside the SuMisura project in all standard sizes.

The track-focused Ducati Corse V6 helmet has also been renewed – it’s more resistant in case of a fall due to the exterior shell’s composite fiber build. The Drudi Performance graphics make it stand out. Moreover, all Ducati by Arai helmets have a 5-year guarantee.

The Touring line features a new Strada C5 jacket-trousers set for both men and women. It’s produced by Dainese and designed by Aldo Drudi. The best part is its modularity – you can add or remove functional layers to stay cool or warm. Ducati uses a different mix of slightly elasticated, comfortable fabrics to keep you comfortable.

The jacket-trousers set can be paired with the corresponding gloves, which have been upgraded with a specific focus on comfort, practicality, and safety. They feature a useful visor wiper insert to clean your helmet visor even on the move. The thumb and index fingertips are also touch-screen compatible.

Ducati Apparel 2023 Collection
Lastly, we have the Urban line with the Company C4 jacket and the C3 outdoor thermal jacket. The first is produced by Dainese exclusively for Ducati and features soft leather with lightweight Pro-Armor protectors, which provide high-impact energy absorption and distribution capacity. The second model offers versatile comfort with an eye-catching design.

If you’re not looking for gear to wear when riding and just want to show your love for Ducati and its motorsport teams, you can get your hands on Ducati Corse-branded sweatshirts and t-shirts.

The Ducati Apparel products are now available at the dealership network and on the Ducati Shop website.

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