Show Me Your Car and I'll Tell You Who You Are...

When I wait at the traffic lights to pass through a crowded junction, I can not help staring at my next car neighbors and imagine stories about who's behind the wheel. It's a nice thing to occupy my time but are we really what we drive? It's easy to judge books by their cover, people by their clothes and products from the supermarket by their wrapping but how many times were you absolutely right?

Certainly image matters... quite a lot. But as long as it is true I say. Nowadays advertising sells perfect images for dubious products. Very often, we buy the cover, not the inside and eventually, become disappointed with our acquisition. Moreover, it's also fashionable to pay for a brand and not for the product itself. We burden ourselves in expensive loans just for the sake of being up-to-date.

Coming back to cars, many women have this superficial custom of judging a man by the car he possesses. That's why, so many absurd stereotypes have been created: if he has a new pricey car, he has a need to be the center of attention and wants to boast about his motor or, the case he opts for a second-hand car, then he must not be that wealthy. Despite the exceptions that always exist, the reality proves many times the contrary. A new expensive car doesn't necessarily mean showing off, it can reflect people's social status or the professional position they occupy. What is more important, a second-hand vehicle might imply that the owner had other priorities for investment.

Leaving aside brands and fancy images, judging after experience, what do cars say about women that drive them?


Grey is the color of neutrality. It's neither black nor white and it communicates a sense of non-involvement. Either dark or light grey, ladies who make their choice for this car color may be persons that don't prefer long-term commitments and usually don't involve too much in relations with others.

Black and white are to be judged together as they represent two extremes. Black reflects the idea of nothingness, while white implies life. Moreover, they both stand for mystery and hidden meanings. Women that choose black or white cars tend to be elegant persons who always leave a trace of mystery behind them.

Red emphasizes energy, vitality, activity, desire, appetite and love. Symbolically, red is blood, conquest, masculinity, the flame of the human spirit. What is interesting is that many women choose this color for their motors. Ladies from this category are usually loving, active and ambitious beings that tend to develop a strong personality.

Yellow suggests happiness, joy, brightness, expansiveness and warmth. The color is both relaxing and calming but it also implies a desire of change. Ladies who favor yellow for their vehicle may be talkative, cheerful and changing persons.

Green is often associated with nature and growth. It can also imply the desire of  better health conditions but also a high precision in verifying facts. Women that choose this color for their cars are usually optimistic, constant, firm and precise beings, have an accurate memory and have a high level of self-esteem.

Blue is the symbol of calmness and unity, the color of the sky and ocean. Blue relaxes the central nervous system and is often associated with tranquility. Ladies that favor this color for their four-wheeled vehicles are peaceful, self-contented and relaxed persons.

Violet is a combination of red and blue, thus combining the conquest with tranquility. It also suggests union, desire, charm and magic. Women who prefer purple for their cars tend to be vulnerable and insecure persons as they regard the world as a magical place and have a need for approval of their thoughts.


A dirty car suggests lack of care, casualness and irresponsibility. The woman who drives it might be an extremely busy or careless person whose priorities in life are not exactly housework or cleaning. If she doesn't care enough for her car, it's possible she won't care very much for the others as well.

A pseudo-clean motor hides a woman who doesn't pay a lot of attention to details. She tends to be a superficial, always on the run person who does things half way. A sparkling vehicle shows an improver lady, always searching for the best. She won't be pleased easily as she's very attentive to details and has high standards.


Small cars are usually extremely practical for crowded cities and can be easily parked. Women that decide upon these models usually drive them to work everyday and have a high pragmatic sense. A small car can also hide an insecure woman who fears traffic and driving.
Medium-sized cars can mask undecided women. Neither small for the city nor big for journeys, this option wants to include them both. The kind of vehicle that's almost good for everything hides the type of lady who wants 3 in 1 things.
Big cars are normally associated with power and prestige but they're usually purchased for long trips. The lady who wants this type of car in her garage is a convinced family woman who enjoys traveling.


Women that prefer to keep their car simple are usually modest beings that enjoy freedom and hate being the slaves of the newest, the latest, the freshest. Moreover, this might imply they haven't yet developed a style of their own and, thus, prefer something neutral and take things as they are.

Ladies that opt for a certain number of accessories for their motors tend to enjoy variety, become easily bored and always look for a change whether in their life or in their car. This kind of women might not crave for luxury but they won't refuse it either, if they have it.

Female drivers that accesorize to the fullest their cars usually have a strong, well-defined personality and don't care about criticism. This type of woman tends to do whatever she likes in life and hardly can she be convinced to change her opinion.

Maintenance costs

Women's preferences who head towards cars that have low running costs are usually practical persons who don't want to invest too much in a car. They normally don't opt for a specific car but for an efficient one. Women that fit in this category praise honesty and fight to achieve a certain thing in life.

Regarding high running costs, we can not actually say women make their choice according to this feature rather they desire a specific car without taking into consideration any other detail. Little does it count whether the desired drive is expensive or not, this kind of woman has a life style to complete. If she afforded to purchase the drive, she will surely afford the costs. Very often, in these cases, we speak about luxury cars that hide wealthy ladies.

So, what does your car say about you? Keeping in mind that a car is not only price and value but  also feelings, emotions and impressions, the choice for a motor suggests your personality and the image you want to create about you. Still, be careful not sell an illusion...
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