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Should You Buy an Optioned BMW M3 Competition or a Base Porsche 911?

There comes a time in an enthusiast's life when they must decide between the purchase of a new car. But what to do if your budget suits the purchase of a more equipped car from an automaker and a base spec model from another brand, but with more prestige, if you will?
BMW M3 Competition vs Porsche 911 Carrera comparison 243 photos
Usually, these comparisons happen between VW Golfs and Audi A3s, but they do make sense even more upmarket. Let us say someone must decide between the new BMW M3 Competition and a Porsche 911 Carrera. The former gets to be better equipped at the same price, while the latter only comes with standard equipment. This sounds like the premise of an enthusiast's nightmare, right?

Fortunately, no. First, you must start with being grateful to yourself for being able to buy one of these cars. Secondly, you must understand that you are not going to keep the car you choose for life, so everything will be fine if you feel less enthusiastic about it after a year of ownership or several more.

If you get to configure your next car, we suggest a careful stroll through the options list, as well as the color and wheels parts of the car configurator tool. With the "wrong" wheels or an uninspired exterior color, a car could get less desirable to the potential customer base. The same goes for getting a car in base spec, no matter the brand, as well as an retina-burning interior, like a full-on red or white interior, which may be too much eventually both for you and for your potential customer of the future.

Carwow prepared a comparison test between the G80 BMW M3 Competition and the Porsche 911 Carrera. Matt Watson is the host here, and you can see which of the pair is most fun, most practical, most attractive, which has the best interior, and which of them has the best brakes in the comparison.

So, feel free to tell us which one you would get after you watch the video below and why.


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