Short Action Film Complete with Car Chases Is Abu Dhabi Police Dept.'s Presentation

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Photo: Screenshot from YouTube
You know you’re living in a pretty darn cool place when the local police department uses a short action movie as a visual presentation of its capabilities.
Does the Ministry of Interior in your country have a video featuring cars such as a McLaren 12C, a Ferrari 458 or a Nissan GT-R? I’m willing to bet it doesn’t. And if it does, well, that means you’re one of the roughly one and a half million inhabitants of Abu Dhabi, the capital of the United Arab Emirates.

This six-minute clip has nothing to be ashamed of compared to any of the modern Hollywood action flicks, and I wouldn’t be surprised if they even used one of the directors there to oversee the whole thing. It’s also pretty similar in feel to both Grand Theft Auto and Need for Speed Hot Pursuit, with the Police cars employing road blocking tactics and wearing very menacing bull-bars front and back.

I know the police are there to serve and protect, and that can sometimes turn risky, but I wouldn’t feel particularly safe with that kind of police cars roaming the streets. I mean, do they have rogue tanks around there or something, otherwise why do they need that kind of kit?

But it’s not just raw force they employ. The clip tries to tell us that the Abu Dhabi Police has real-time face identification software and also cameras that instantly scan license plates to track the fugitive vehicle. Not that it would be that hard to spot a McLaren 12C hiding in a public car park - no, blending in isn't one of McLaren's strong points, not even in Abu Dhabi.

Back to the clip, we won’t spoil it for you, but let’s just say we’re a bit disappointed with the end. No explosion? Come on, Abu Dhabi, you can do better than that.

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