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Shirtless Drunk Terminates Drone with His Jersey

Remember that episode when Phil Dunphy, one of the leading characters in Modern Family, decided to put down their neighbor’s drone because he has been spying on a sunbathing Gloria? Well, after several failed trials, the characters in the television series finally are saved by the “victim” herself, as she shoots down the drone out of the sky. Well, this drunk fellow had a similar problem apparently, only that he never failed stopping the quadcopter from flying.
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Photo: Lucky 7 Drones on YouTube
So here’s what we know. There’s this drone retailer that fell into some trouble recently when they were trying to shoot instructional videos on their DJI Phantom 3. Now, before we get further into the matter, we should take a closer look at the UAV.

We are looking at a $1,350 worth drone that is not only one of the most advanced currently on the market, but is able to come up with a crystal-clear camera, real-time HD video display and intuitive flight controls. In other words, a movie making worthy quadcopter that could easily be used on set. Why would anyone stop one of these puppies from flying? It most likely has something to do with the privacy issue.

We only have the word of those who filmed the video, but judging by the way things look, the guy truly seems to be drunk.

The extremely inebriated neighbor could barely talk when the cops came. Did you know damaging a drone valued over $500 is a felony? This guy found out the hard way when he refused to pay for the cost. The best part was when the cops asked him about the big gash on his leg, and he admitted the drone hit him when he swatted it,” the video description details.

We’re not saying the owner of the drone wasn’t right to be annoyed by the “drone-killer.” But considering these fellows sell drones for a living, we’re pretty sure this quadcopter was far from being the first of the kind to fly around the guy’s house. Either way, violence is not how you want to solve privacy issues.

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