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Shibori Cruiser Go! E-Bike Brings the Old-School Feeling to Modern Times, Tassels and All
It's been a long time since I've seen a bicycle with tassels on its handlebar. After all, we live in modern times, and the Shibori e-bike is a very modern machine. So, what's it doing looking like that?

Shibori Cruiser Go! E-Bike Brings the Old-School Feeling to Modern Times, Tassels and All

Shibori Cruiser Go!Shibori Cruiser Go!Shibori Cruiser Go!Shibori Cruiser Go! Grip and BellShibori Cruiser Go!Shibori Cruiser Go! SaddleShibori Cruiser Go! ControllerShibori Cruiser Go! HeadlightShibori Cruiser Go! BrakesShibori Cruiser Go!Shibori Cruiser Go! MotorShibori Cruiser Go! FenderShibori Cruiser Go! Chainguard
Folks, the machine we'll be exploring today is known as the Shibori Cruiser Go! Step-Thru from Electra, a brand owned and operated by Trek Bicycle Company. This branch is mainly responsible for building accessible and modern e-bikes for folks that use this mobility alternative more for pleasure rather than for bringing home the gold on a daily basis. With that in mind, let's get a feel for what it may be like to own a Shibori.

As I mentioned, Electra is mainly responsible for producing machines for the average human. That means that average pockets are targeted, too; you're being asked to drop $1,800 (€1,700 at current exchange rates) on the Shibori, a price that should feel just right for an EV of this nature.

By now, you may be wondering what the word Shibori may mean. The term refers to a Japanese method of manually tie-dying objects, most often fabric, as the word means "to wring, squeeze or press." This is the technique that inspired the Shibori's color palette.

Aside from the aluminum frame being tattered with Indigo Blue motifs, so are the saddle, fenders, grips, and even bell see this action. Helping make the entire color scheme pop even more, whitewall tires with blue rims have also been added.

To understand a bit more about what to expect from the Shibori, I want you to imagine that you happened to purchase this bike for yourself or a loved one. To make mounting and dismounting a breeze for future owners, the Shibori is designed around a step-through frame. With this low-step feature, riders can safely plant their feet on the ground without getting tangled in a top tube.

With hands firmly placed on a cruiser handlebar and a press of the pedals, you're off. As you ride, you can't help but notice that you're moving faster than you usually would on your average cruiser. All that's thanks to the rear-mounted 250-watt hub motor from Hyena. Sure, it may not sound like the most powerful motor on the market, but considering you'll simply be riding around town with the Shibori, it should be more than enough. Best of all, it offers pedal assistance up to 20 mph (32 kph).

While we're typically used to machines with insane range coming out of trek headquarters, the Shibori only displays a maximum distance of 40 miles (64 kilometers) in ideal conditions. Considering range is affected by numerous factors, including rider weight and cargo, the best way to gauge this aspect is to head down to a local dealership. Oh, there's also no mention of this bike's weight on the Electra website.

Other than that, the Shibori is the sort of bike you're meant to put on a show with. I took a closer look at the frame design, and I couldn't make out being able to mount cargo racks to it. This means that there's no extra functionality on the bike. Then again, there doesn't need to be; this one is all about looks. But, to help you stay clean and safe, there are those fenders I mentioned and integrated lighting.

Sure, it's not the sort of bike that may grab your attention and keep it in terms of capability and functionality, but you're dropping less than $2K and getting yourself or a loved one into the e-bike game; that's something to be aware of. Just remember to wear your Sunday clothes and a stylish helmet to match.

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