Sherpa Camper Trailer Will Be There for You Through Any Off-Road Adventure

Travel restrictions have been such a pain this year that some folks have decided to live life on the road. However, some roads can be fatal to vehicles and even humans. BRS Offroad is looking to change all that.
Sherpa Off-Road Camper Trailer 11 photos
Photo: Adventure Campers USA
Sherpa Off-Road Camper TrailerSherpa Off-Road Camper TrailerSherpa Off-Road Camper TrailerSherpa Off-Road Camper TrailerSherpa Off-Road Camper TrailerSherpa Off-Road Camper TrailerSherpa Off-Road Camper TrailerSherpa Off-Road Camper TrailerSherpa Off-Road Camper TrailerSherpa Off-Road Camper Trailer
BRS Offroad is a little-known manufacturer of some pretty awesome gear if you ask me. Currently, this Australian company produces off-road camper trailers and a myriad of other outdoor gear with a focus on camping off the grid.

The trailer you see here is known as the Sherpa. Spoiler alert; it absolutely deserves its name. It will tend to your needs, be there when you need it, and will probably outlast you on the journey. After all, a tool like this should have all the qualities mentioned above.

When the Sherpa first hit my visual cortex, I thought it might be the newest bulletproof popemobile, but after a little reading I realized it’s a bulletproof popemobile meant for you and me. Ok, sure, it’s not really bulletproof; I'm just that excited about this towable home.

Sherpa Off\-Road Camper Trailer
Photo: Adventure Campers USA
Like any other towable that is destined for off-road use, the Sherpa has one solid chassis. To ensure the frame can take whatever your journey throws at you, an RHS center beam travels through the entire base, from hitch to the recovery point. This sort of construction is meant to give the Sherpa an incredible level of maneuverability, so much in that, it can handle tow angles past 90 degrees laterally without getting hung up on your vehicle.

That frame is set on a Cruisemaster XT suspension with X5K steel King Springs. Secondary rate bump stops, and in-house tuned dampers all function together with a fifth-generation Cruisemaster XT arm. BRS also allows you to choose either coil or air even after the build has been completed.

The top cone on the camper comes in weighing only 55 kilograms (121 pounds). How is this possible? Well, the team at BRS uses a honeycomb core composite panel measuring only 20 mm (0.78 in) in thickness. This allows for a light yet durable construction, which is then coated in Raptor liner for protection against stones and UV damage.

Sherpa Off\-Road Camper Trailer
Photo: Adventure Campers USA
As for the body, it’s a bit different from the cone. Here, up to three millimeters (0.12 in) of marine grade 5083 alloy with double skin air pocket insulation is sure to keep the interior cozy but also safe. One thing that sets the Sherpa apart from other trailers this team produces is a sub-chassis welded to the base constructed from CNC-cut spines.

Now, when you look into getting yourself one of these campers, you’ve got to remember that options can be endless. As standard, you’ll receive a foam queen mattress, upholstered backrests, wireless receiver, two-port windows with fly screens, and internal cupboard storage.

But to get a Sherpa like the one you see here, you’ll have to pull out your checkbook, as most comfort options will cost you extra. For example, a shower and dress room will cost you $690 Australian ($525 U.S. at the current exchange rates). Or the crucial rooftop tent, $5,400 Australian ($4,116 U.S.). Even the outdoor kitchen comes at an extra cost.

Sherpa Off\-Road Camper Trailer
Photo: Adventure Campers USA
Yet there is good news. Depending on the dealership you use to get your Sherpa, some include comfort features in the price and build. Adventure Campers USA is offering a Sherpa at just $49,999, including several features, as well as the kitchen (according to the dealership website).

As for myself, being equipped with an array of electric systems and able to support life off-grid for at least a few days, this trailer is more than what I need. For my style, it’s a downright luxury.

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