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Shell to Operate Three e-Catamarans, Pioneering Electric Ferry Services in Singapore

Shell Energy is decarbonizing its operations in several ways, one of them is through the use of electric ferries for the transportation of its workers to and from the Chemicals Park on the island of Bukom, outside of Singapore. Through this innovative project, Shell is also supporting efforts to reach zero emissions in shipping while introducing the first electric ferries to operate in Singapore.
The Electric Dream is a future electric catamaran that will be operated by Shell 6 photos
Shell Electric FerryShell Electric FerryShell Electric FerryShell Electric FerryShell Electric Ferry
Last year, Shell announced that it will soon be operating electric ferries for passenger transportation, a premiere not only for the company globally but also for Singapore, where the new ferries would operate. The three vessels are currently being built at the Penguin shipyard and were designed by Incat Crowther.

A recent milestone for this innovative project called Electric Dream is a collaboration between the shipyard and Zinus, a company that will provide fully-automatic charging solutions for the three electric catamarans.

Each of the vessels will be able to carry 200 passengers at speeds exceeding 20 knots (23 mph/37 kph) on the ferry route off the Straits of Singapore that unfolds over 5.5 km (3.4 miles). It’s also one of the busiest routes in the area, crossed by approximately 3,000 people every day, which is why switching to emissions-free vessels is even more important.

The Shell catamarans will transport passengers with zero emissions and reduced noise levels. They’ll be equipped with a 1.2 MWh lithium-ion battery system. Zinus will provide three charging towers that will be installed on land and six receiving units for the charging plugs, which will be installed on the vessels. According to the company, it will only take 20 seconds to connect them to the power supply. The ferries will benefit from both fast charging (during peak hours) and slow charging (overnight).

Zinus is set to deliver its charging system for the ferries by October this year, with operations for the electric vessels scheduled to start in the first half of 2023. Shell is also supported by the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore in bringing this innovative e-ferry service to the country.

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