Shelby Takes Care of "Rejected" Hellcat Customers with a $3,000 Deal For the 2015 Super Snake

If you're familiar with what's happening on the American muscle car scene, you probably know by now Dodge cancelled 900 orders for their Hellcats.
2015 Shelby Super Snake 1 photo
More important, those unlucky clients will receive a voucher and will have to wait until 2016 for their long-desired muscle car. It sure doesn't seem fair, but Shelby is here to make things right.

“You can’t park a voucher in your garage, so the 850+ horsepower Shelby Super Snake is the perfect solution for power-hungry-Hellcat fans,” said Keith Belair, Shelby American Chief Operating Officer. “We can give them the high performance car they want without the frustration of getting back in line.”

In a nutshell, Shelby considers Hellcat customers should not be left without a car or the horsepower they crave. Therefore, they are given the opportunity to buy 2015-16MY Shelby Super Snake with the 850+ horsepower performance upgrade, and Shelby will add for free the Katzkin interior, which typically costs $2,995.

You could argue that the Katzkin interior upgrade is, more or less, just a fancy leather treatment. Also, those looking to drop the idea of buying a Hellcat and opting for a 2015 Super Snake have to provide a 2015 Ford Mustang GT. That's at least $32,300 added to the $54,995 asked by Shelby for the conversion.

If you draw the line, you end up with a total sticker of just under $90,000, which should make customers wonder: should I drop the Hellcat and avoid the wait for a Super Snake or should I stick to my initial decision?

In any case, with the Hellcat name trending recently on media channels, it's a good way of making people talk about your company, I'll give you that.

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